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“Certified Personal Training”

Utilizing a modernized, practical approach, Rich can help you get into shape, reduce body fat, maximize torso strength, and make a total lifestyle change.

Total System Health

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Strength Training

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One on One Training

Private One on One certified personal training is reserved for those looking for personal attention not always available in a group setting. Results in higher strength, higher workout intensities, and higher perceived rate of  exertion during private session can lead to greater rewards for efforts. Working with some of the best staff in Western New York, we prescribe the optimal program and nutrition to get you in the condition desired. Whether it be muscular strength ,fat loss, life event preparation or returning after long lay off from fitness, we have the right equipment and experience to benefit anyone, no matter the objective.

“Quality Over Quantity” Inside our group training, people will Learn the concepts or gain new insight on strength training and nutritional timing to increase energy,

Overall well-being, flexibility and body re-composition.  Our Classes are kept small to ensure quality session with individual attention to achieve fitness goals optimally.

Utilizing  Equipment and free weight based training sessions, we  deliver results and the knowledge to  learn how to integrate and maintain a balanced physically active lifestyle through strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility work and nutritional timing. After completion, participants  will be educated to retain high fitness level independently of trainer and remain habitually engaged for life long benefits.

Group Training

Hydraulic Pump And Spin Class

Program design is set up to stimulate TOTAL SYSTEM HEALTH. 30-40 minutes of HIGH INTENSITY indoor cycling, then integrating kettle bell work, suspension training, or resistance band and torso conditioning. (Classes are 60-70 minutes in length) Workout will vary between upper and lower body , depending on day of week. Classes are kept to no more than 12 participants, space is limited.


Transform your body in just 15 minutes a day. No equipment required.